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Notes for Authors

Authors are encouraged to contact the commissioning editors, Lawrence D. Berg, Harald Bauder, David Butz, Salvatore Engel-DiMauro or Rachel Pain to discuss their book proposal.

Book proposals should fit with the aims of one of the following two book series at Praxis (e)Press:

  • Critical Topographies focuses on spatial and geographical themes, linked closely to the field of geography.
  • Radical Mappings focuses on interdisciplinary work in the social sciences, humanities, and professions.

These book series include support for publication of open-access monographs, edited collections, and textbooks that bring together radical notions and practices that take up social change and all aspects of praxis.

Praxis (e)Press seeks to publish critical works in theory and practice in several fields from a variety of different theoretical perspectives — including anarchist, anti-racist, environmentalist, feminist, marxist, non-representational, postcolonial, poststructuralist, queer, situationist and socialist perspectives.  Analyses that are critical and radical are understood to be part of the praxis of social and political change aimed at challenging, dismantling, and transforming prevalent relations, systems, and structures of capitalist exploitation, oppression, imperialism, neo-liberalism, national aggression, and environmental destruction.