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Critical Geographies: A Collection of Readings (2008)


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Critical Geographies: A Collection of Readings (2008)

Critical Geographies:
A Collection of Readings

Edited by Harald Bauder and Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro

ISBN 0-88955-566-4; 978-0-88955-566-2

Critical Geographies introduces students, scholars and activists to wide-ranging approaches, topics and theories associated with critical geographical scholarship. A selection of thirty-six chapters of previously published work, spanning over 150 years, is organized into four thematic sections with editorial introductions, addressing the themes of critical reflection within academic geography, theorizing the relationship between space and society, outlining geographical approaches towards human-environment relations, and a critical view on representing Earth. The collection offers a series of snapshots of the multi-directional and meandering paths of critical thought in the geographic discipline..

Harald Bauder is an Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Guelph in Canada.  Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro is an Assistant Professor of Geography at the State University of New York at New Paltz in the USA.

Contributors: Anouar Abdel-Malek, Kay Anderson, Harald Bauder, James Blaut, Nicholas K. Blomley, Judith Carney, Vera Chouinard, Jeremy W. Crampton, Guy Debord, Caroline Desbiens, Matthew H. Edney, Jody Emel, Kim V. L. England, David Harvey, Brian Hudson, Cindi Katz, Peter Kropotkin, Yves Lacoste, Melissa Leach, Doreen Massey, Suzanne MacKenzie, Linda McDowell, Robin Kearns, Katharyne Mitchell, Janice Monk, John Pickles Richard Peet, Laura Pulido, Elisee Reclus, Paul Robbins, Nadine Schuurman, Joni Seager, Neil Smith, Richard A. Walker, Michael Watts, Bobby M. Wilson, Ben Wisner, Jennifer Wolch.

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